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the fire and also before I even came out I did take notice on the rooftop coming inside this would the place look in the dark light it up some here boom you see what I'm looking at so I came this way here obviously I can't go this way that crap all over the floor ensuring the corners are good if you notice as soon as I took this corner here I had mainly 10 this way the coverage on the door came back look at this one here two charts came back [Music] now I came here on a 45 second spice this pie won't move and keeping the mom Shred T3X
 entum going I'm going around what do I see boom boom boom boom boom right shots fire out there so you can see what it looks like you're coming in you notice made it immediate right here then take a rocket scientist to figure this out and I would never go out this way I'm gonna go back out the same way I came great boom lights off so you can see what it looks like 


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