Mike Tyson knockouts.

"Iron Mike" Tyson is considered of the most fearsome boxers in history. He had a reputation of dispatching his opponents swiftly and brutally. He slashed through the sport like a bull at the speed of light, and was brought down just as swiftly by his inner demons.
Here are some of the greatest fights of Tyson's career. Ironically, his greatest fights would last between one and two rounds. Combining the times of all his greatest fights would total to less than the time of a single 12-round bout.
Tyson made his debut on March 6, 1985, when he entered the ring against contender Hector Mercedes, and left it a minute and 47 seconds later with a TKO. He had a string of successes in the six months that followed, but then in October and November, he knocked out Donnie Long and Eddie Richardson, in a minute 28 and a minute 17, respectively.
In the two years that followed, Tyson only had to work a full 12 rounds against one opponent. Tony Tucker, at the time the only other unbeaten fighter besides Tyson, had 29 knockouts in 34 fights, and Tyson 27 out of 30. Tyson won on points, and the victory made Tyson the undisputed heavyweight champion.

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