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UI Engineer:

What The Heck is React-Naitve, Really?

React-Naitve is a rising open source platform & the future of Hybrid Mobile App Development. Basically, it based on JavaScript & allows you to build a mobile app using JavaScript. Primarily, it gives more attention to the view part of the app. Some well-known apps built using React Native are Facebook, Walmart, UberEATS & Instagram etc.
Features :
* Offers a lot of Plugins.
* Great Response Time.
* Extremely fast.
* Compatible with iPhone & Android
* Reusable Components.
* React Native is open-source.
* Saves the time of the developers.
* Powerful Performance.
* Less Memory Usage.
* Just write once & Utilize react native UI components to an existing app code. You do not need to rewrite again.
* Completely support Node.Js