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So What is Node.js, Really?

Node.js is a Javascript run time powered by Google chrome V8 Javascript engine. It can be described as Javascript that has been given the ability to run on the computer, instead of the browser, like normal Javascript. This is made possible by the V8 JavaScript run time engine.Based on a module architecture, Node simplifies the development of complex applications.
It is works on an event-driven non-blocking IO model and is adapted for developing server side applications in JavaScript. Node Js allows you to build Utilities that you can concatenate and create JavaScript files with on your machine.
Node.js: A Versatile, Open-Source Framework
Google Chrome V8 JavaScript engine powers Node JavaScript Runtime. Ryan Dahl, the creator of Node.js, wanted to create real-time websites that have push capability, (more or less like Gmail Apps). Through Node.js, he rendered developers with a tool that helps them to work in the non-blocking a tool for working I/O paradigm.
Some of the high-profile companies make the most out of Node Js Web Development and make the most out of some of its benefits given below:
* It is possible to use JavaScript for backend as well as frontend development
* Node.js enables users to listen and revert to HTTP requests, listen to network traffic and enables them to access database directly.
Benefits of Node Js platform
* It allows the use of the same Javascript for both the front end and back end development.
* Among many other functions, Node Js allows users to listen to network traffic, listen and reply to HTTP requests on the computer and access databases from the computer directly.
The downside of Node JS
* Node uses event-driven approach to cater for implied scalability. Node Js developers have to work with the asynchronous execution model which compared to linear blocking I/O programming method is more tasking.
* Node developers will have to deal with excessive nested call backs.
* Being single threaded, it makes it harder for programmers to deal with concurrency.
* It lacks of a standard library. Working without some of the utilities that are not provided for in libraries sometimes translates to less seamless programming.