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I am a Software Engineer / Focused Modern Web Technologies Specific programming languages.
Front-end web development is all about creativity and creative problem-solving. As a UI developer, I have the skills to build customized websites to create the best possible user experience.

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Client-Server Architecture.


REST Stands for Representational State Transfer.
REST is Architecture style for designing networked Applications.
REST is a way of accessing the web services.
REST is completely depends upon stateless, client-server, communications protocol which is cache abled. Not only this, REST API considers using HTTP protocol in all circumstances. It is a very good performer lightweight approach and low barriers for entry.

API Stands for Application Programming Interface
API is a piece of software that enables data exchange between applications and devices., as well as facilitate connectivity between devices and programs. API can also be defined as an interface that allows an enterprise application to communicate with backend systems, promotes seamless communication between multiple applications, and exposes only a limited amount of the internal functions of a program.

The roadmap to learn React

React Components Architecture.

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What is Redux, How does it work?

Redux is a state managing library used in JavaScript apps.
It simply manages the state of your application or in other words, it is used to manage the data of the application. It is used with a library like React.

The basic idea of Redux is that the entire application state is kept in a single store.

The store is simply a javascript object.
The only way to change the state is by firing actions from your application and then writing reducers for these actions that modify the state.

The entire state transition is kept inside reducers and should not have any side-effects.


In order to have responsive design, we need to add responsive meta tag in our HTML
document and then apply media queries to our layout in css file.

What is AJAX, How does it work, and What is it use for ?

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Ajax calls

What Is Json ?

JSON:JavaScript Object Notation.
JSON is a syntax for storing and exchanging data.
JSON is text, written with JavaScript object notation.

Why use JSON?
Since the JSON format is text only, it can easily be sent to and from a server,
and used as a data format by any programming language.

Visual Architecture To View Behind The scenes of Responsive Web Application.

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Responsive Web Desing

Database Design. PHP and MySQL