Hargeisa Abdiqadir Hussein Jama

Email: dariiqo143@gmail.com

Job type: Full-time

Experience in Years: 3

Salary: 500

Salary type: Monthly

Extra information: I am honesty person To commit his job working overtime and tireless

Summary Experience:-
I am experienced in Finance and admin with a strong background in administration, accounting, Strategic planning and finance. I am also highly efficient, flexible, highly energetic person, Excellent in team work and easily adopt under any hard conditions placed. I am possessing with extraordinary work ethics, aware off duties/responsibilities, view positively for any dynamic Changes and view all assignment in a positive way. I am familiar Computerized Accounting, Eager to achieve exceptional results in short time period     I can work anywhere and can endure for hard situations for my job.

koodbuur districy / hero awr Village

Phone: 0634489719

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